Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eat Green. Live Green.

Recently... I say that like it was yesterday when really it was the beginning of the month... we traveled to Ironman Florida to cheer on our paps in his first Ironman ever! He finished with a time of 13:35 and it was amazing seeing him accomplish something so insane... now I can understand why my parents always came and cheered me on in my high school soccer games... but the whole experience got us inspired. How could it not. The only way I could explain it is that the whole marathon/triathlon vibe is like a healthy cult. Everyone gets up and instead of putting on jeans, a tee and heading to the Keurig they live in their sports bras, tight shorts, Newtons and go straight for the Advocare Spark. Our own mother even started getting up and putting on her sports bra and tennis shoes every morning and she runs maybe once a month. I was even felt the pressure and charged a Vitamix blender for healthy stuff. Bright side I got the Ironman discount..

But the purpose of my story is that there is nothing like 3,000+ 40 year olds in tight shorts to inspire you. I personally try to eat green and live green on a daily basis but the hustle and bustle of operating a business overtakes. Lets be honest eating healthy and cooking meals takes time and time is something we don't always have but I am going to start making a head start back into that direction. Our new Vitamix finally arrived today and I'm so excited to start playing with it. We're going to start sharing our journey with you so I'll will start posting inspiration/motivational tips, recipes etc.. to help you eat green and live green to. Also follow our Pinterest board - ' Eat Green. Live Green ' for more inspiration.

Stay tuned!™

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dancing Leopard

One of the many joys we experience in this journey of ours is getting to know other designers! When we found Dancing Leopard we fell in love fast and hard. Jades' boho energy is totally up our alley and expresses our inner beach vibes that are dying to come out in the city. When we got our care package we had to stop and spend the day twirling and taking photos on our iphone. Can't wait to take photos or more of her jewels! Here's a sneak peek of the Beach Cape in Vanilla Floral...™  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Welcome to the Jungle

Here's a little glimpse into our daily lives.  Sorry no time for clean up or fancy photos because this is our life and what it looks like on a day to day basis. Those who take photos of their work spaces where everything is neatly and strategically placed is bull... No time for staging, making things gets messy and there is no mrs shiny sparkler to come behind me... To the outside world this looks like a train wreck but I know where every feather and safety pin is. Scouts...and did I mention we also live here... I know ...where right? Fingers crossed one day we will be able to move into an real work space/shop but until that time comes looks like we'll be maneuvering over boots and feathers. Don't worry, I've got it down to a "t"and could do with my eyes closed.

Welcome to the Jungle™