Our love for feathers began in the Summer of 2010. A pair of earrings were purchased and the inspiration grew from there. Founder, Ashley Featherston (real last name) started feathering on the floor in her living room when a lifestyle emerged and appropriately became known as The Feather Junkie.  

Although we are located in the heart of Dallas/Ft. Worth our products have branched into a worldwide distribution since the launch of our online store in Nov. 2010. Each product is handcrafted and designed to express a lifestyle.  A life were there are no boundaries and the skies the limit. Where you can let your hair down and dance to your own music. 

The foundation of our business was built on feather earrings. Feathers have many different meanings to different people. They can have a spiritual meaning to one, or represent strength to another. One of our many joys through our day to day work activities is that we can create products that help express each junkies personal connection. To us, they have a more spiritual meaning and wearing them helps us move more freely through life and not stress about the little things.  

Our motto is - “you must be free, be light and like a feather take flight. Wherever the wind may take you, wherever you shall fly, live life to the fullest until the day that you die.”

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