Thursday, May 30, 2013

Every Beginning Has a Start

Very jealous of all the junkies on their way up the mountain for waka this weekend. I can imagine most of them are already there or just now setting up camp. waka has a special place in our hearts. Unlike Coachella...this festival is not a fashion statement. Those that attend go for the vibes and energy the mountain and music bring. Everyone is family once you enter and the next few days is full of love.

These photos were taken during our first trip to waka in 2010 (then we headed to nola right after on a whim). I truly believe that if we hadn't attended that year there would be no Feather Junkie. It was there that we purchased our first pair of feather earrings that sparked my interest and imagination. I'd purchased plenty of $5 feather earrings from Forever21 but these were different. These feathers were nothing like I'd ever seen or held before. They moved freely as I did and instantaneously felt love and happiness in wearing them.

I intentionally went to Waka that summer to get away from everything life was throwing my way and those earrings fastly became my connection to peace and healing in what I was going through. I wanted to spread that joy and peace I was feeling and started making feather earrings for friends, family, their friends, etc... My living room quickly filled with feathers and I started to jokingly be called a feather junkie. And thus a beautiful thing emerged. Our goal is that these feathers help you move more freely through your daily lives and not to stress the small things. Everything happens the way it's suppose to. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

peace. love. and feathers.™

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blog Crush


The Cult of Style rocks our freakin socks! For sure in the top 5 go to blogs. We are constantly looking to it for inspiration and new fashion finds. Every photo Calley posts expands my mind and pushes my imagination to that next level. Always making me want more. Last week I wanted pink hair because of one post and I haven't dyed my hair in 4 years.

We often refer to her as a Pinterest Wizard because her pinterest boards are just as exciting to follow.

Calley recently did an interview for BreakThruRadio telling her story from her start at Coachella to what it is today. We love hearing stories how others get their starts...they draw us in like a 5 year old hearing a ghost story around a camp fire. Check it out here

Photo creds are a click away ;)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hippie Chicks Ride For Free

Local stocklist, The Gypsy Wagon (@thegypsywagon) lit up Dallas last Thursday night with the relaunch party for their store. The girls set up under their new billboard and celebrated like the gypsies that they are. Making flower headbands, wrapping horseshoes, drinking wine and being merry under their boho set up.

This band of gypsies stole our hearts 3 years ago but have been set up in their Henderson shop way before that. This group is the sweetest, most lovely group you will ever meet and we have nothing but oodles and boodles of love for each one of them. Owners Carley (@dragginmywagon) + Johnny (@johnnyseale) + the rest of the gang have been more than supportive of our business ventures over the years...letting us truck in and set up our feathers on numerous occasions + stocking our Junkie Boots. I remember our first time we eva set up our feathers was at a Boombox show in 2010...Molly one of the fab buyers...was one of the first few feather junkies we ever feathered up. Still even got the photo to commemorate that night ;) ....So.....if you want to be literal.... they have lit-er-a-lly been there since the beginning showing their support and love and we are more than grateful!

Swing by there store on Henderson and see what goodies they have. We always find the best things in there. AND MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR JUNE 8th!!! Their letting us truck in again for the return of the Handmade Markets! Come between 10-6 and get feathered up. Original extensions will be 1/$25 or 2/$40!!

Check out their new website here..... their new Stylebook "Hippies Ride for Free" there...Carleys new blog "Draggin' my Wagon" here.....and a behind the scenes video of their stylebook below


Photo creds just a click away 
Video creds:
Principal photography by David C. Nix Photography
Soundtrack >> "John Prine" by Kacey Musgraves 
The Gypsy Wagon Hippy Chicks >> Alika Ray, Emily Williams, Katie Tull, Kristen Glass, Deanna Cahill, Brigitte Dugas™

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Over on Magnolia Hill

We have come so far from the first pair of boots we ever created....which was a pair for our boot hoarding sister for Christmas. We were so broke that if we didn't make didn't get anything that year. The boots expanded from there and into so many different style options. From studs, to fringe, to feathers, to bows, to chains - there is a style to fit every personality!

We've been scouting locations foreva to fulfill our country meets feather junkie goal. When our friend Emily (check out her blog My Alter Ego) mentioned her grandparents might have the best location all was in full effect!

The 2 hours drive out to Pointe TX was all worth it the moment we drove through the iron gate of Magnolia Hill. Down the dirt road and around the corner was the cutest country home! There was a large multi synced squeel of excitement in the car as we pulled up. Eclectic pieces fill the front yard, country scented candles, and the barn, pond and acres of land all helped pull together the perfect location. Special thanks to Richard and Judith Hill for allowing us to come into their beautiful property. Their hospitality went above and beyond...I mean we got the full treatment! Be jealous! Hugs right right off the bat, snacks, crackers, fruit and veggie trays (and not the ones you buy at the store...the ones you hand cut and lay out) brownies (delicious !!), you name it, lemon/cucumber and mint water (ahh the best!!) and a silver bucket full of the best adult drinks...the works. These kind hearted folks made our entourage of 7 feel right at home! Words can not express our gratitude!

We have also started slowly adding a HOME!! yes a HOME section!! So excited about this one! Stay tuned for more pieces but in the you die! or do you DIE for the new bookmarks! 

Shot/edited and styled by yours truly :) You guys remember Dylan from our previous Junkie Kids shoot but introducing fresh face Rachel Beeler (@racheljoi) who was the biggest joy to work with!

Credit and shop links below. Enjoy!

Photography: The Feather Junkie
H/M: Brooke Hornberger
Models: Rachel Beeler + Dylan Bradley
Styling: Ashley Featherston

Models are wearing:

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