Friday, October 7, 2011

Bohemian Bedroom Re-do

Been thinking lately about re-doing the bedroom. I have recently relocated to a new apt and in the process I managed to brake the bed in half and currently sleeping on the mattresses on the floor. After spending hours on pinterest and's decided that the bedroom needs to be redecorated with a bohemian style theme.

Here is some of my inspiration ....

since I am on a strict budget at the moment, buying a whole new bed is not an option.  I am loving the idea of pushing the bed into the corner...lifting it a little (just so to still have some storage under), adding lots of pillows, a new fluffy comforter that when i fall into bed i sink 3 inches.....and draping some fabric or curtains from the ceiling to create my own bed 'cloud' if you will.

also love the idea of adding some back lighting.

do away with the old 60's style bamboo door hang and add some lace or netting to the entry way of the bedroom or use as window treatments to replace curtains.

 By adding some extra nick nacks - the bedroom will be complete!!

cute idea to use old necklaces as curtain ties

 Since I do live in an apt....stenciling the floor is not really an option but we still love the idea.....

 This renovation will take some time but we will upload pics of the new room when its complete. In the mean time follow us on Pinterest - find our 'Bohemian living' board to see more inspiration on bohemian home ideas. ™

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  1. I love how you think! I am doing the same exact thing from the same inspiration photos! Best of luck! We have great taste! I <3 Pinterest!