Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas give-away contest!!!

This is will be the last contest for the year and by far our best give-away yet! You can either keep them both for yourself or they make great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers!

CONTEST DEC. 8 - DEC 15 at 7pm CST - will ship and arrive before Christmas!

Necklace: handmade with super soft turquoise deer skin leather and web is hand weaved with hemp string. Inside the center of the web lies a small quarts crystal. Feathers and hairpipe bone are adorned to the end strands of leather with silver beads. Retail value: $40

Earrings: Constructed using a small blue macaw parrot feather, a small peacock and a small pheasant feather. Finished off with soft brown deerskin leather, turquoise beads and bone. Retail value: $30

There are 2 ways to enter! and you may enter both ways to get your name into the drawing twice!

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 Remember - CONTEST DEC. 8 - DEC 15 at 7pm CST, you can enter twice and winner will be announced Dec. 16!™


  1. I love these!!!!

  2. Yay! love the feather junkie. even my xmas tree has a feather! contact on fb or email!

  3. I absolutly love then :)

  4. Love them for myself and my sister... Tough call on if I should give her one or keep for myself. Lol....

  5. the turquoise and the quarts crystal!

  6. I had posted before but I don't think it made it on here!

    I love the colors and the set ups! Pretty much every thing you do is amazing!

    I could only do the things from facebook & twitter because those are the only accounts I have! Thanks :) or Facebook! :)

  7. I love them BOTH!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas!