Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ying to my Yang

Kesli and I meet 3 falls ago during our college internship and have been friends ever since! Partially because our internship was in styling and fashion show production which forced us to spend a good 80+ hrs a week together...side by side...amigo amigas. She was my partner in crime and think I would have lost my mind during those few months if it was not for her. Whether she liked it or not, she fastly became the ying to my yang.

She came over the other day to try on her new custom boots and brought her precious pooch Baylor...who of course got some Baylor colored feathers of his own...and then when Kesli took out her 2 day old ponytail and that fro popped out! I flipped!! and we just could not resist going to the park and doing an impromptu shoot with her and Baylors matching fros! We still had the SH+LS sample skirts from a previous shoot the day before so we went for it!

Since we do not have a professional camera as of yet...our iPhone 4 had to do. I used the free PEStudio editing app and the above photos are the result! Not to shabby if I do say so myself. FJ Photography is now in session and taking appointments! 

Kesli is wearing Rock On Quartz necklace, Vintage Custom Boots, You're a Natural single earring, What Goes Around bracelet in white, Feather Ring, Dream Weaver necklace (style above will not be online till 9/15), Sandy Beaches and Blue Skies beaded necklaces (also not available till 9/15), Sugarhigh + Lovestoned Hi-Lo skirt in black (available 8/13 and we are DIEing to get this one for ourselves) and our personal Leopard Print Scarf by Spell Designs (we wear this thing on the daily!)

Baylor is wearing our MINI feather extensions.™ 

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