Friday, February 15, 2013

Thats BERRY Nice of You

We recently have come gotten our hands on a fabulous Nikon D7000. Would recommend it to anyone looking to take that first major step in making the transition away from the camera that fits in your pocket. 

So anxious to use our new love we grabbed our rockin and oh so amazing model, feathers and camera in tow and hit the park down the street. Might I also add that these shots are literally the first shots I have taking with my new camera....thank you. thank you. (front bow) 

Still learning the whole photography process so the above was shot on auto and we could not have asked for a better day. Cloudy...little windy but we dealt....were champs like that. 

Perfect timing to debut one of our newest feather extension color combos.... "That's BERRY nice of you" We are all FLIP. ing. over this new mix of magenta, teal, purple and white feathers. Grab yours >> here <<™  

Model wears: 
* Junkie Boots * You're a Natural Original feather extension * That's BERRY nice of you Original feather extension * You're a Natural feather earrings * What Goes Around bracelets in tan and black * Feather Ring * Love Ring * Rock-On Quartz * Hendrix Blazer * Safari necklace *

Other designers include: 
Nasty Gal (black dress)
Vega (Twine Flame cuff)

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