Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to Install your Feather Hair Extensions

We get so many questions on how to install our feather hair extensions. Is it easy?? Can I do myself? Of course you can! So just for you we created a new installation video... a complete and total do it yourself version! Shot and filmed from the view of YOU with step by step instructions on how you can install your feather extensions at home, tips on where to place them in your hair and tools you will need. 

If you haven't tried before they are super easy to install and now you will be able to better instruct yourself at home. Scouts its easy....we know guys that install their own feather extensions....so girls....if guys can do it...so can you! you got this!

Check out the website to better see what feather products are good for you.
You can also check out the video on Vimeo


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