Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hippie Chicks Ride For Free

Local stocklist, The Gypsy Wagon (@thegypsywagon) lit up Dallas last Thursday night with the relaunch party for their store. The girls set up under their new billboard and celebrated like the gypsies that they are. Making flower headbands, wrapping horseshoes, drinking wine and being merry under their boho set up.

This band of gypsies stole our hearts 3 years ago but have been set up in their Henderson shop way before that. This group is the sweetest, most lovely group you will ever meet and we have nothing but oodles and boodles of love for each one of them. Owners Carley (@dragginmywagon) + Johnny (@johnnyseale) + the rest of the gang have been more than supportive of our business ventures over the years...letting us truck in and set up our feathers on numerous occasions + stocking our Junkie Boots. I remember our first time we eva set up our feathers was at a Boombox show in 2010...Molly one of the fab buyers...was one of the first few feather junkies we ever feathered up. Still even got the photo to commemorate that night ;) ....So.....if you want to be literal.... they have lit-er-a-lly been there since the beginning showing their support and love and we are more than grateful!

Swing by there store on Henderson and see what goodies they have. We always find the best things in there. AND MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR JUNE 8th!!! Their letting us truck in again for the return of the Handmade Markets! Come between 10-6 and get feathered up. Original extensions will be 1/$25 or 2/$40!!

Check out their new website here..... their new Stylebook "Hippies Ride for Free" there...Carleys new blog "Draggin' my Wagon" here.....and a behind the scenes video of their stylebook below


Photo creds just a click away 
Video creds:
Principal photography by David C. Nix Photography
Soundtrack >> "John Prine" by Kacey Musgraves 
The Gypsy Wagon Hippy Chicks >> Alika Ray, Emily Williams, Katie Tull, Kristen Glass, Deanna Cahill, Brigitte Dugas


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