Thursday, May 30, 2013

Every Beginning Has a Start

Very jealous of all the junkies on their way up the mountain for waka this weekend. I can imagine most of them are already there or just now setting up camp. waka has a special place in our hearts. Unlike Coachella...this festival is not a fashion statement. Those that attend go for the vibes and energy the mountain and music bring. Everyone is family once you enter and the next few days is full of love.

These photos were taken during our first trip to waka in 2010 (then we headed to nola right after on a whim). I truly believe that if we hadn't attended that year there would be no Feather Junkie. It was there that we purchased our first pair of feather earrings that sparked my interest and imagination. I'd purchased plenty of $5 feather earrings from Forever21 but these were different. These feathers were nothing like I'd ever seen or held before. They moved freely as I did and instantaneously felt love and happiness in wearing them.

I intentionally went to Waka that summer to get away from everything life was throwing my way and those earrings fastly became my connection to peace and healing in what I was going through. I wanted to spread that joy and peace I was feeling and started making feather earrings for friends, family, their friends, etc... My living room quickly filled with feathers and I started to jokingly be called a feather junkie. And thus a beautiful thing emerged. Our goal is that these feathers help you move more freely through your daily lives and not to stress the small things. Everything happens the way it's suppose to. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

peace. love. and feathers.™

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